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+ Scanning life through the picture window

20 June 1991
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aoife. 15. ravenclaw. bookworm. fantasist.
animal-lover. lonely. forever escaping reality.
the hours. hannibal lecter series. my summer of love.
harry potter. x-men. pride and predjudice. hard candy.
the devil wears prada. his dark materials. the human stain.
johnny depp. anthony hopkins. alan rickman. daniel craig. edward norton.
ian mckellan. bill nighy. patrick wilson. alphoso cuaron. david lynch. neil jordan.
julianne moore. mary-louise parker. nicole kidman. eva green. emily blunt. meryl streep.
famke janssen. rosamund pike. ellen page. rachel weisz. kiera knightley.
the cranberries. keane. chantal kreviasuk. john mayer. david bowie.
tori amos. dido. sarah mclachlan. rufus wainwright.

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addiction, alan rickman, alcoholism, angels in america, animals, anorexia nervosa, anthony hopkins, arctic, art, books, cats, cbc radio, charlotte brontë, chekhov, chocolate, cigarette smoke, clarice starling, clarice/hannibal, cocktails, cowboy boots, csi: crime scene investigation, david bowie, death, depression, dreaming, edith piaf, ellen page, emily blunt, escapism, espresso, europe, eva green, eyes, falling in love, famke janssen, fashion, feminism, film noir, foreign culture, french, gay rights, german, hannibal lecter, hannibal lecter series, hard candy, harry potter, herbal tea, hiking, his dark materials, hoodies, horseback riding, hugh jackman, hugs, ian mckellen, icons, independent film, indian food, irina lazareanu, jane austen, jennifer connelly, johnny depp, julianne moore, karate, kate winslet, katharine hepburn, kissing, latin, laughing, lexicology, libraries, licorice, london, lord of the rings, love actually, marg helgenberger, margaret atwood, mary-louise parker, meryl streep, minerva mcgonagall, motorcycles, moulin rouge, mulholland drive, my summer of love, neil jordan, neil young, new york city, nicole kidman, night, nip/tuck, paganism, paris, patrick wilson, philosophy, photography, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, politics, potter puppet pals, pro-choice, reading, red heads, rick mercer report, romance, rosamund pike, rufus wainwright, sandra oh, severus snape, sex and the city, sexuality, shakespeare, silence of the lambs, singing, soccer, solitude, soundtracks, spanish, swearing, tequila, the devil wears prada, the hours, theatre, tim burton, tori amos, travelling, trench coats, veganism, virginia woolf, vodka, walking, winter, witches, writing, x-men